You name the reason, and I will create the rhyme! 

Do you want a unique gift, something that is one of a kind?
Are you tired of trying to figure it out and about to lose your mind?

Frustrated reading greeting cards that don’t say what you need?
You are in luck, because I can say what you want with exceptional speed.

Provide me with the who, what, where, when, and the reason why
I will provide you with personalization that mere pennies can buy

Do you need to say “I love you”, “Good luck”, “I’m sorry”, or “Thank you”?

I’ll do the work and you’ll look like an amazing poet-it’s true!

Is someone retiring, graduating, or celebrating another year?
Personalized poems will make your gift extra special, a cause for cheer!

Every holiday is worthy of one, if you want to go that extra mile.
Guaranteed to touch the heart and make any recipient smile

I can write rhyming presentation speeches, raps, or lyrics to a song
My brain is trained to rhyme, time is not a factor-it won’t take me long

Are you a teacher needing a special poem to go with your lesson plan?
Do you need a gift that is cutting edge? let me help, I know that I can!

Why buy a boring birthday card that eventually gets thrown away?
Personalized poetry is more meaningful and will last forever and a day.

Special verses for a new baby, new job, new home, new husband or wife
There’s always a “time 4 rhyme” as you travel throughout your life!